Nov 3 2019

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Junk Silver

Junk silver typically refers to older USA currency coins which contained 35%, 40%, or 90% silver content. In the past, the United States utilized silver in all coins except the penny due to silver s physical qualities and relatively lower price at the time. Over time, silver increased in value, making it too expensive to use in circulating currency.

Investors nowadays keep their eyes out for certain US coins, such as pre-1965 half-dollars, quarters, and dimes, which contain 90% silver. Although these coins maintain their worth as US currency, their value as silver bullion is far superior to their face value. Junk silver offers investors a very low-cost and highly divisible method of investing in silver.

Silver Content

When people hear the words junk silver their first reaction is to bypass the category simply because they think of it as being worthless. The reality, however, is that junk silver can be just as good of an investment as any other type of silver seeing that it isn t the design or condition of junk silver that matters, but rather the silver content. These coins, which can have as little as 35% silver to as high as 90%, can end up giving you more for your money than purchasing brand new silver coins or bars.

People who purchase junk silver quickly realize that it is the furthest thing from junk seeing as there are few items able to give you as large of a return on your investment as junk silver can.

Pieces of American History

Another way of looking at junk silver is that you are investing in pieces of American history. Since most of the coins you receive when you purchase junk silver are from 1965 or earlier, you are getting a rare opportunity to own coins that have existed for well over 40 years now. Though many of the coins show visible signs of wear and tear, they are a testament to the durability of American currency over the years. Few other types of silver coins are as historically relevant as some of our junk silver is.

90% Silver Coins

One of the most popular types of junk silver are 90% US coins dated before 1965. In these bags there will be random assortments of coins including quarters, dimes, and even half-dollars. There is not always a rhyme or reason as to how many of a certain coin you will receive, though they will certainly all be 90% silver.

40% Silver Coins

40% junk silver coins will almost always be Kennedy Half-Dollars. These particular coins are dated between the years of 1965 and 1970.

As the value of American paper money is slowly falling due to inflation, the value of these no-longer-in-production silver coins is rising. Though hyperinflation is not as much of a threat in the US as it is in many other parts of the world, owning these coins in the event of widespread hyperinflation could end up serving countless benefits. Though the word junk may disinterest a lot of investors, these bags of US junk silver are much more valuable then their name implies.

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